custom surfboards are Rhythmsticks' specialty. as rhythmsticks is not focused on supplying shops, the emphasis is instead focused on each individual customer and their custom board. If you have a design idea, want to meld together some of the existing models, or want to have a board fully customized for yourself, then scroll down to the order form below for a quote on your dream board. Each rhythmstick is meticulously handmade using the best materials, and are glassed to last. Custom colours and colourways are one of the other joys of ordering a custom board. You can see a few of the custom rhythmsticks boards in the gallery below.  


custom order form

Name *
phone or email
choose from one of the models listed on the 'shapes' page or enter "complete custom" for your own unique design. please also specify if you would like epoxy/eps construction (clear finish only)
if unsure, please say "undecided"
polishing available for an extra cost

*Please note, this order form is simply a request. all orders will need to be approved and a deposit will need to be made for the manufacturing to begin. you will be contacted shortly after submitting your request with a price quote. only after the deposit amount has been submitted and the order has been finalised, agreed upon and signed by both parties, will manufacturing commence. the deposit amount will be half of the total price quoted unless otherwise specified. ANy changes to the colour or design must be made before manufacturing begins.