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Rhythmsticks is a one man show conducted up on a quiet farm in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland. jonno cole has been making boards for over fifteen years and has been immersed in full time production for the last eight years.

he's been lucky enough to have worked for some of the highest quality labels in the world, including McTavish, Takayama, Gerry Lopez, Vouch, Campbell Brothers and Bear, in roles ranging from Shaping, Glassing, Sanding, Finning, Gloss Coating, Polishing and finishing.  

this experience has allowed jonno to hone his skills and learn a lot about materials and design, as well as what it takes to make a quality surfboard.

These skills are rolled into his everyday work ethic, making boards of the highest possible quality. surfing is his passion, and is evident in his work, as he treats every order with steadfast dedication. Every board in jonno's range and all customs are boards he'd happily ride and keep for himself. they have been tested and meticulously refined to where they are now.

It’s an honour for him to have worked with some of the craftsmen he has and to now continue doing what he loves... leading a surfing life.